Autumn Revelation

Trees usually turn colour and shed foliage as the temperature drops, but this year many species began to lose their leaves in August because of a shortage of water.  However, the real autumn is now with us – a time that has inspired poets across time and cultures.  Sudie Stuart Hager was Idaho Poet Laureate from 1949 up to her death in 1982.  Her best-known collections were Earthbound, published in 1947, and Beauty Will Abide (1970).  Her poems dealt with the rhythms of life and with the changing seasons.  This is a reflection on autumn in the high deserts of Idaho.

 Poets say that love in April bloom,
And petal-showered lovers feel the same;
I thought so, too, in spring but now I know
Love is the autumn leaf’s breathtaking flame.
October Finale
Autumn still retains her charm
As she walks the stage;
But blood-red paint cannot, for long,
Conceal the lines of age.  The Prodigal
October, reckless heir to autumn wealth,
Spends lavishly.  Our dazzled eyes behold
His palace roof of sapphire, gold-leaf floors.
Rich draperies of bronze and flame.  He pours
A mellowed heady wine and drinks to madness;
He showers coins with riotous autumn gladness.
Then, one bleak day, we wake to find October
Sans raiment, gold, sans everything – and sober;
His gay mood changed to deepest melancholy,
But, oh, the world is richer for his folly.

November 2011

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